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Douglas holds a degree in Vocal Performance/Music (Brazil) and has a certificate in Voice Teacher Training at New York Vocal Coaching in NYC - USA (2020). He also studied Singing in a Juilliard School's special program in 2020.

As an actor, he worked in several Brazilian musical theater productions, establishing his career as a performer. Among his latest works are The Phantom of the Opera (M. Reyer/ u/s M. Andre), Les Misérables (Courfeyrac), We Will Rock You (Axl Rose and u/s Galileo), Sister Act (u/s Eddie, Pablo and TJ), You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (Snoopy) and O Menino Maluquinho - The Opera.

Douglas Tholedo (Brazil) is an actor, singer, and vocal coach who specializes in singing for Musical Theater. He has performed in some of the greatest musicals produced in Brazil such as The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, We Will Rock You, Sister Act, to name a few.

NYVC New York Vocal Coaching Douglas Tholedo

As an announcer and voice over actor (Dubbing), his voice has been featured by some of the largest Brazilian credit card and telephone companies - a voice that conveys efficiency while being friendly and inviting.

Moreover, he has lent his voice to several important marketing campaigns, automated answering services, and has appeared in TV commercials and short films.

More about his work on TV:

Douglas has a lot of experience working as a musical director in several musicals, which makes him highly qualified to help his students become better performers.


As a teacher and vocal coach, Douglas has developed his own unique method of singing which combines knowledge from several schools of singing. He specializes in belting, legit, and pop singing. Along with those techniques, he also applies acting to help the students find their natural voices while enhancing the power of their interpretation.